WHAT WE DO (Refinishing)

Our skilled technicians can renew your worn-out tubs, tile, and sinks at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Your bathtub, sinks, and tiles can be professionally reglazed. The colors can be changed from your old pinks, blues, and greens to China White to match Eljer, American Standard, Pfister, and most other porcelain fixtures or in many decorator colors. 

Your old fixtures can be rejuvenated at minimum expense compared to tearing out and replacement or inserts.

Most bathrooms can be done in one day or less.

The bathroom can be done in your choice of colors. We can match any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color. Let your imagination run wild.

All work areas will be cleaned completely. We scrub your tub three times. The first is an industrial cleaner to remove all soap film, dirt, or marks. The second is a mild acidic cleaner that cleans down into the porous surface of your tub. The last is an alcohol based cleaner that neutralizes the PH of your tub for proper adhesion of the coatings.

You do not need to leave your house. Fumes are kept to a minimum by exhausting the majority of the fumes with an industrial fume exhaust system.

The grout between the tiles is also sealed, inhibiting the growth of mold or bacteria.

We can also add a slip resistant product into the finish of your tub.

We repair small chips and deep scratches at no extra cost.


We use the finest Aliphatic Polyurethane Enamel available as well as primers designed for the aerospace industry. Our procedure is to thoroughly clean the fixtures and repair any damage or chips. We then etch the surface of your tub and/or tiles. Next, a bonding agent is applied to the tile followed by several coats of our synthetic porcelain.

When the job is completed, the exhaust system is removed and the area is caulked. Finally, we remove all the drop cloths, masking tape, and paper. The bath area is ready for service in just 24 hours.

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