We Can Repair and Restore Granite, Marble, Soapstone and all Acrylics.

One of the biggest investments in your kitchen can be your countertops. Most granite countertops get hazy, etched, or damaged with use and age. Many homeowners have these common issues: dulling, etching, scratches, chips, or divots in their granite. If your granite countertops are in the kitchen, bath, or a bar, we can help them look their best.

Our countertop repair services include:

  • Granite repair, polishing and sealing
  • Marble repair, polishing and sealing
  • Sold Surface & Corian repair and polishing

We can repair and restore your natural stone, granite or acrylic counter tops to their natural beauty by our UV curable repairing system, polishing and sealing with our Nano-sealer. (A Nano sealer has molecules that are much smaller than the molecules of the granite or stone. This allows the sealer to impregnate into the granite, enhancing the strength, and providing a longer lasting protection against staining, etching, scratching than traditional sealers). Using a UV curing system makes repairs and sealing quicker by curing them instantly. If your counters just need polished to bring back the original sheen, we do that as well. Please contact us for details!