FAQs on Tub Refinishing

Leaking faucets must be repaired prior to resurfacing. We cannot refinish a tub, shower, or sink where leaking water is present. WE DO NOT REPLACE OR REPAIR PLUMBING FIXTURES. You need to get a plumber to do that.

Please remove all loose items prior to our arrival. This includes shower curtains and rods, shower doors, mirrors, appliances, tables, pictures, accessories or any rugs. If we remove or move any items at your request or, if we must do so in your absence in order to proceed without loss of time, we will not be responsible for accidental damage.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

We ask that you notify us and set a date as soon as convenient. You should have any new tile around the tub replaced first to protect the new finish from sustaining any damage in the tiling process. Any new flooring and painting can be done after the tub is finished. However, you should notify your painter that the tub had been refinished and to not put a ladder in or stand on the tub. This may damage the finish if it hasn’t cured fully.

We can match almost any color on a Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint palette. Just provide us with the color number and give us approximately 2 weeks to special order the color.

While ideally, we recommend a full 24 hours. The tech will explain the care and maintenance of the tub and help you understand the best way to get the most life out of your newly finished tub.

While we make every attempt to keep the fumes to a minimum by using a fume exhaust system, you will be able to smell the finish; however, it will dissipate in a few hours.

Here are a few things to remember:

  1. DO NOT lay soap, bottles or any object on the finished surface; put them on a shampoo rack.
  2. Be sure that your faucets ARE DRY every evening, drain shower pipes, and then close taps tightly. If you have a leak, take care immediately.
  3. Make sure there is no standing water in the tub after the rest of the water has drained. The tub should be completely dry a couple of hours after each use.
  4. Clean and finish regularly during the curing period with soap and sponge (this is called surface conditioning) to remove any dust that might have settled.


  5. DO NOT use an abrasive cleaner, which will scratch the surface. ONLY clean after each use with Scrubbing Bubbles made by Dow, Fantastic, 409, Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner. It is extremely important to clean the surface frequently, as this will prevent soap scum build up and cause the shine to dull.
  6. If peeling, bubbling, cracking or fading should occur, it is the responsibility of the customer to properly notify the REFINISHER within 1-2 weeks of occurrence.
    All leaky faucets must be repaired to protect the finish against the eroding action of dripping water, which may cause the finish to crack and wear out prematurely.
  7. Destruction of the finish may occur through improper use of acid bearing compounds (drain openers, tile grout cleaners). All chemicals (cosmetics, bleach, hair dyes, perfumes…) must be kept away from the finish, for it may stain or mar the finish.
  8. DO NOT use a rubber mat, ESPECIALLY WITH SUCTION CUPS. Most mats will produce a reaction with the finish when subjected to hot water.

Tub refinishing generally takes 3 – 4 hours on average depending on size of area being glazed.

With normal care and proper cleaning as instructed your new tub will last many many years.

Yes, they are different terms for the same work.